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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Animated GIF Images For Free Holy Bible Verse Graphics To Share

Find the full collection HERE.

Over 50 animated GIF images involving the Holy Bible. Verse of the Bible appear in fun animation that will catch the eye and help spread God's word. Please share this album or some images, THANKS! Nice collection of visually nice, attention grabbing & all round awesome Holy Bible verses done in a style similar to inspirational posters, but these graphics come alive as they are animated (GIF animations are a standard image format for webpages, moving images without any sound). Some stunning animation graphics (just normal GIF images) that depict verses from the Holy Bible. Free to share or download!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Power Search 5 Holy Bibles At Once, Compare Parallel

We had good feedback about our 10 times Holy Bible searcher (previous post), but most people said it was a bit too big and didn't fit in their web browser window very well. Many people suggested to make it half the size (half as many Bibles). So we now offer the 5 times Holy Bible search tool in both English and mixed languages!

Search 5 English Holy Bibles

5 Bibles Search:
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Choose any 5 Bibles (from 60) English Holy Bible versions for 5,461,512 possible combinations:

Search Holy Bible in 5 Languages

5 Languages Search:
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Choose any 5 languages (from 66) of the Holy Bible for 8,936,928 possible combinations:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


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#1: #2: #3: #4: #5:
#6: #7: #8: #9: #10:
So far we have made a dual, triple, quadruple parallel Holy Bible searches. Lately we have upgraded our server and we now are pushing the limits in multiple Bible searching  to 10 and 15 Bibles at once. For a power Bible search, we find that the 10 times Holy Bible search fits best on a large monitor (the 15X tends to feel too squished and hard to read). Notice the presets at the bottom of page that let you search by eras, top 10 Bibles and more. You can also search in just a book of (ex: Genesis) 10 Bibles.

We feel our 10 times Bible searcher the best as a power multi Bible search engine. It shows all relating verses in parallel for easy comparing. You can choose any 10 Bibles (60 in total) to search in (use the bookmarklet to set your favorite sets of Bibles, marklets are auto generated).
How many different ways you can choose 10 (from 60) Bibles?
  • How many different Objects are there? 60
  • How many Objects will you choose? 10
  • Is the position of each Object important? No
  • Is there an unlimited supply of each Object? No
Answer: 75,394,027,566 (over 75 billion ways). Formula @ Combinations & Permutations.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Search 15 Holy Bibles, A Power Search For Bible Study

Search 15 English Bibles @ The Same Time! (demo)


Search 15 English Holy Bible translations that are combined together as one (parallel views for verse comparisons). Great way to seek those hard to find #Bible verses.

Here are the Bibles that are grouped together: 2012 - Lexham English, 2009 - Catholic Public Domain Version, 2006 - Updated, 1952 - Revised Standard Version, 2002 - Orthodox Jewish, 1998 - New International Readers, 1984 - New International Version (US), 2002 - Message, 1769 - King James Version, 2004 - Holman Christian Standard, 2001 - English Standard Version, 2005 - ERV - Easy to Read Revised, 2004 - Complete Apostles, 1964 - Bible in Basic English & the 1965 - Amplified Bible.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Search & Compare 4 Holy Bibles At One Time!

  Quad Bible Search:

Vs Vs Vs

All words Any word Exact Starts with Not in

The above search will let you search terms in 4 online Holy Bibles together/joined at once (find results in four Bibles at the same time) and you can compare each verse side by side for each translation. We have 60 English Holy Bible versions online in one complete database so we can combine Bibles when searching easily and available to our Quadruple Holy Bible Search. That gives us 487,635 possible search combinations (and over half million start/homepages like THIS) made with this search & study tool without repetition or duplicates (n=60, r=4, do the math HERE).

Make any combination of your 4 top favorite Holy Bible versions to search all together in a bunch as a parallel view search. Make combos like: NIRV/AMP/KJV/BBE. Each combo gets a bookmarklet made "on the fly" (that's about half mil of unique Bible search bookmarklets).