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Monday, June 3, 2013

Amazing Things That Happened In Holy Bible

Here are some things I find hard to explain so they must have been miracles or the work of God:
  • talking animals
  • forever burning bushes
  • animal sacrifice
  • sticks turning into snakes
  • water turning into blood
  • sooth seers and astrology
  • men fighting giants
  • people swallowed by whales alive
  • magical healing
  • one fish feeding many people
  • turning water to wine
  • winged men helping people
  • 9 headed beasts
  • men rising from the dead
  • ghosts and spirits
  • people turning into salt
  • reptiles falling from the sky
  • magical robes and goblets
  • men chasing snakes out of cities

1 comment:

Max Powers said...

Here is why unicorns (not fairytale pixies and fairies) are found in the Holy Bible:

(1828 Noah Webster’s Dictionary)
Unicorn – An animal with one horn; the monoceros (extinct relative of the rhinoceros).