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Monday, June 3, 2013

Holy Bible Poems & Inspirational Poetry

Ode To Bible

Leather bound, worn and old
Handed over, bought and sold
Given, taken, lost, and found
Read, re-read, and leather bound
Sits on a table by the bed
When anyone goes to lay their head
They see a Bible, the Holy Word
Words still waiting to be heard
Turn the crinkled pages gently
Study each and all intently 
Live your life by what you read
A book intended to plant a seed
A book for guidance, love, and life
A book to take you through your strife
Written by God, written for man
Shows nobody loves us the way God can
The book of life, telling of death
Telling of how God gave us breath
A baby, cross, a grave, a sky
A comfort and friend when we need to cry
Leather-bound, bought and sold
Handed over, worn and old
A treasure given, taken, found
Read, re-read, and leather-bound

The Bible on the shelf

That Bible upon the broken shelf
sits waiting to be opened.
Behold the past and present,
press on if you will.

The desire to breathe in the pages,
to discover the path not chosen,
an insignificant life
suddenly becomes important.

And you, child, are left there:
a flower that has not yet blossomed,
a sun that has not yet risen,
and a heart that has not yet stopped

The Bible

It helps me get through my battles each day,
It's like a friend but always knows what to say,
It picks me up when I'm down,
and heals my broken dreams,
It talks to me by living the words that I read,
the words run through my body as fast as a train,
It triggers my brain and helps me to understand,
the meaning of it's words,
It walks with me and lives in me,
I don't go a day without it,
It helps me keep my head up: when I'm down,
the bible is with me every where I go,
It tells me what's right and wrong,
It's part of me and it's my creator,
In the beginning was the word, and the word was
with God, and the word was God, John 1:1

Yes, Lord

Yes Lord, I should like to rest for a while,
After leaving Egypt with all her guile.
War horses and chariots now long gone,
No longer a prince, no longer a pawn.

Yes Lord, I should like to rest for a time,
After running for decades from my crime.
Yet you desired that I leave my small flock
To retrieve Yours, and bring them to the Rock.

Yes Lord, I should like to rest for an age,
And here, ever after, not be called sage.
For all I tell them, their necks are so stiff,
It's enough to make one jump off a cliff!

Broken tablets are all they have to show
For their pilgrimage, and twice pain and woe!
Listen well, said I, listen and obey,
I take leave of them now; I have had my say. 

But You, O Lord, please give ear to them still,
For if You don't protect them, no one will. 
They are Your people, Your name in the land,
Let them know they are ever under Your Hand.

Yes Lord, I think it's high time for my rest,
Please wake me up when You believe it best.

Hold my hand

God, God, Hold my hand
Protect me from this world's demands
For a child is easy to deceive
And I am young, and too naive

If I let go, I trip and fall
But You always answer to my call
Then wrap me in Your warm embrace
And forgive me with amazing Grace

You watch over even the smallest sparrow
So teach me to walk the long and narrow
As I admire Your world along the way
Guide me so I do not stray

You're beside me every step I take
And through the times of tough heartache
You promise that You'll never leave
Even the times I dont believe

When I'm grown and know Your Will
You'll be beside me ever still
And when life's too hard to understand

God, please, still hold my hand

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