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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Search & Compare 4 Holy Bibles At One Time!

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The above search will let you search terms in 4 online Holy Bibles together/joined at once (find results in four Bibles at the same time) and you can compare each verse side by side for each translation. We have 60 English Holy Bible versions online in one complete database so we can combine Bibles when searching easily and available to our Quadruple Holy Bible Search. That gives us 487,635 possible search combinations (and over half million start/homepages like THIS) made with this search & study tool without repetition or duplicates (n=60, r=4, do the math HERE).

Make any combination of your 4 top favorite Holy Bible versions to search all together in a bunch as a parallel view search. Make combos like: NIRV/AMP/KJV/BBE. Each combo gets a bookmarklet made "on the fly" (that's about half mil of unique Bible search bookmarklets).

1 comment:

Max Smart said...

Awesome tool! Each bible version is a little different and I could only remember one main word to search for, only took me 2 tries to get the right translation!!!!!!!!!