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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Free Online Holy Bible Tools & Website Study Aids

The Internet offers a vast array of websites for those wanting to study the Bible. You can find everything from devotional studies to outlines to sermons to Greek and Hebrew exegesis. Thousands of public domain Bible commentaries are now available. These days I do most of my Bible study online. Years ago I would stack my desk with 20-30 books while preparing my sermons. Today I can find most of what I need online no matter what Bible passage I am studying.
Online Bible Tools and Research Study Aids (listed in alphabetical order):
  • 2001 Translation 2001 Translation – An American English Bible - Uses 'Jehovah' OT/NT. Notice John 1:1 here!
  • Bible.cc An online parallel Bible. Great for when you want to see one verse in a bunch of different translations, quickly.
  • Bible.com Offers comprehensive Bible search tools with several contemporary versions of the Bible and a number of foreign language translations. The site is packed with Christian resources such as a daily devotional, a reading plan, a prayer room, newsletters, and a kid's section with music, videos, games and books. One unique feature of this site is the "Bible Answers" section providing biblically based answers to common questions, complete with a topical or keyword search.
  • Biblez
  • Bible.Catholic
  • BibleCentre This site carries commentaries covering every book of the Bible. Highly recommended.
  • Bible Compare Dual search 2 Holy Bibles at once to compare comparisons. Over 1,500 search page combinations possible (info). 
  • Bible Crosswalk Numerous Varied Bible Study Tools.
  • Bible Database
  • Bible Gateway Many Bibles to choose from. It's completely user friendly and easy to navigate. You can search by passage (verse), keyword or topic. You can choose multiple versions of the Bible, including many of the contemporary translations and paraphrases, along with several foreign language translations. The site also offers a wealth of other Bible study resources such as an audio Bible, commentaries, e-books, dictionaries and study tools. 
  • Bible Hunt
  • Bible.is FREE audio download (I downloaded the ESV New Testament – about 500 MB!). There are apps for iphone, ipad, and adroid. The iPod app is very nice – both text and streaming, plus an option to download text/ audio to listen to offline (KJV, and ESV).
  • Bible On The Web
  • Bible Outlines Paul Apple has a gift for creating usable teaching outlines that help you organize passages of the Bible for teaching and preaching. You probably won't use these outlines verbatim, but they will definitely prime the pump as you develop your own messages.
  • Bibles and Reference Works Many Links to Bible Study Tools. 
  • Bible Research for Students of Scripture"This site is for Bible students who are looking for detailed information on the history of the canon, texts, and versions of Scripture."
  • Bible Resources
  • Bible Resources offers Bible translations in any language imaginable and a daily Bible reading plan using the King James, NIV or Amplified version. Unfortunately, the reading plan does not allow you to start from Genesis on the current date. You have to go back to January 1. You will also find information on how to study the Bible and help with scripture memorization, as well as an audio Bible, Bible dictionaries and articles.
  • Biblical Studies Foundation Vast collection of Bible expositions covering every book of the Bible plus a huge section of answers to questions about the Bible and theology. Also home to the amazing NET Bible.
  • Bible Study Tools by Crosswalk includes over 40 Bible translations and allows you to create a custom reading plan starting from any day of the year. You can read online, have your daily reading emailed to you, or print your daily reading to take with you. This website has commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, concordances, encyclopedias, and historical reference books.  They have parallel and interlinear Bibles as well.
  • Bible Truths Bunch of online web based Bible Studies and some downloads.
  • Bible Thumper Where all the Bible Thumpers go for online Holy Bible study.
  • Biblia.com Part of Logos Bible Software services, Biblia.com is a great place to study and search the Bible online from anywhere. The site features free access to many Bibles and an extensive library of free reference works. The best feature of Biblia.com is the underlying platform built on Logos' powerful search engine and Bible software. If you already have a Logos.com account, you can access your complete library simply by logging into Biblia.com. 
  • Biblos, my personal favorite, has it all. The site has the look and feel of a standalone Bible software program. The toolbar at the top of the site gives you immediate access to a huge library, searchable atlas, concordance, Bible encyclopedia, Bible weights and measures, Bible summary, commentaries and much more. This site comprises a vast collections of Bible Study tools, many of which are linked together, including commentaries, lexicons, cross-references, Strongs numbers etc. Some of the noteworthy resources on this site include the Greek (original and transliterated, both the Textus Receptus AND the Wescott and Hort), and the Hebrew (as well as the LXX – Septuagint, both in Greek [SEP] and transliterated [SPT]).
  • Blue Letter Bible Includes many Bible translations along with Greek and Hebrew texts and also a very good Strong's Concordance. Offers over twenty Bible commentaries, including the notes of Sir Isaac Newton, charts and outlines, Biblical timelines, devotionals, audio and video sermons from thirty-two speakers, Bible images, maps, Bible reading plans and multiple Bible versions. What I love about BlueLetterBible.org is their continuously updated interactive reference library from the teachings and commentaries of selected pastors and teachers who hold to the historical Christian faith. The site features a multi-faceted search engine, modern-day written and audio-video commentaries, a long list of study tools, images, maps and devotionals. If you thought Bible study would be boring, try this site for a change of pace. 
  • BP Bible Portable (run off USB thumb drive) Microsoft Windows software/freeware 
  • Codex Sinaiticus
  • Desiring God This is a treasure chest. Seriously. Decades of sermons, articles and even free books.
  • eBible.com has the best interface of any of the Bible study websites. It’s clean, makes excellent use of the screen and very easy to use. You can create your own parallel Bible from five of the most popular translations and even add parallel commentaries. Very impressive!
  • English Holy Bibles 50 of the top Holy Bible versions searchable or browsable online. Web based Bible study at it's best!
  • ESV Online Bible This is my favorite version of scripture to study from. Love that this site also has an audio version! 
  • Emphatic Diaglott 
  • Google Bible Search Engine
  • Google World Religion Search
  • Greek Septuagint verse by verse The Greek Septuagint verse by verse. (Also NT Greek) The Greek appears to be capable of being pasted right into the message box and sent! 
  • Hebrew - English Bible Hebrew text with vowel points and English alongside. 
  • Hebrew Bible Hebrew text of OT without vowel points.
  • HolyBibleSearch.net Nice and simple study/search tool or Bible reader for beginners/starter.
  • Holy Bible Verse Best Holy Bible Search Engine, details down to the verses! Over 120 versions of the English Holy Bible (also Arabic, Bulgarian, Cebuano, Cherokee, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Persian, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Croatian, Haitian Creole, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Macedonian, Nepali, Dutch, Norwegian, Punjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Albanian, Serbian, Swedish, Swahili, Thai, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and many others). This is very similar to biblegateway.com, but you may find you prefer the layout of one over another. If you use the parallel view often, just bookmark the page with all your favorite versions open. When you open the bookmark, just type in the passage you want to study, and it will open in all those versions at once. 
  • HTDB.net A context-sensitive search tool similar to Google. Volumes, Tabernacle, Manna, Songs in the Night, Original Towers, Photodrama of Creation, Question Book, Expanded Biblical Comments, Hymns of Millennial Dawn, Exceeding Great and Precious Promises, Poems of Dawn, and KJV Bible. Where audio is available, the text contains hyperlinks to the MP3 files.
  • Isaiah Dead Sea Scrolls Isaiah Dead Sea Scrolls -photos and translation. 
  • Jehovah's Witnesses United Various Jehovah's Witnesses Aids. 
  • KJVbible.net
  • Logical Fallacies and the Art of Debate Errors in logic.
  • MyStudyBible.com is a free online Bible Study tool (mobile, too!) that integrates a robust library of Bible study tools and books. All your notes and more, available from any computer or mobile device with an online connection.
  • NET.Bible Offers a wide range of free online Bible study and research tools, integrating searchable text, commentaries, articles, notes, a dictionary, word studies, interlinear text in Hebrew and Greek, and Strong's Concordance linked terms. NET Bible also features eight major translations including the NET Bible. 
  • New Simplified Bible Uses 'Jehovah' OT/NT. 
  • New Testament Greek Text Finder (NT Greek text which also gives parts of speech, gender, etc, for each word you click on. For example, look up the gender of 'spirit' (pneuma) and, especially, 'he' (auto) in most translations of John 14:17.) 
  • Nizkor Project Errors in reasoning. 
  • Nizkor Project (complemented) More errors in reasoning.
  • O-Bible.com
  • Olive Tree Has Bibles (all of which may be compared at once), and several ('Symbol' font) NT Greek texts (including W-H). 
  • OpenBible.info
  • Online Bible Translations "The Web's most comprehensive list of links."
  • PreceptAustin A new-to-me site, but I like what I see so far. Especially helpful if you are looking for commentary on a specific verse. 
  • Quoted Statements
  • Random Bible Quotes Get a random holy Bible passage (1 of 31,102 verses) every click or choose to randomize from 60 other Bible translations. 
  • Search God's Word (incl. International Standard Bible Encyclopedia) - may also search for a word in different Bibles. 
  • Search God's Word (Interlinear) Takes you right to the Interlinear Study Bible. SearchGodsWord.org is a handy and easy-to-use online Bible search tool with a very unique feature. It provides study resources right in your search. As you look up a particular verse, a list of links to commentaries, study notes and devotionals appears to the left of the passage for convenient, instant access. The site also offers daily Bible reading plans, Christian history, commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, encyclopedias, lexicons and sermon essentials.
  • Seek Freak Web search in a Religious/Faith directory/category for power searching the internet.
  • Study Light Many Bibles, including a number of pre-KJVBibles. Has a large collection of online Bible study tools and resources, including advanced search tools. The site claims to have more Bible commentaries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, parallel Bibles, interlinear Bibles, and original language tools than any other website on the Internet. One of its unique features that I especially enjoy is the "Today in Christian History" section. 
  • Theocratic Study Aids
  • Theopedia This is like Wikipedia, but all about the Bible, theology and the history of Christianity. From the site: “Theopedia is a growing online encyclopedia of biblical Christianity. Theopedia uses wiki technology, which is essentially a community-driven, information-management system.”
  • Tom Constable's Notes These free notes amount to a complete commentary on the Bible. And because Dr. Constable constantly updates them, the notes just keep getting better and better.
  • Unbound Bible Very good for searching for a word in Hebrew, Greek, or English. 
  • Virtual Holy Bible - Popular site that has been around for over 10 years. Features streaming audio Bible in many 2 versions (MP3 and TTS/text-to-speech, playable on your computer.
  • Wiki Bible Portal WikiPedia.org's research area for the Bible and surrounding religions.
  • World Wide Study Bible Organizes online resources by books of the Bible. If you studying, say, Hebrews 3, the World Wide Study Bible gives you a large list of related resources. A great time saver for Bible study.
Language Translation Tools:
Dictionary & Encyclopedias:
General Web Search:
  • Marklets.com Bookmarklet for Holy Bible searching.
  • Ref.ly This is great for you bloggers. Instead of having to type out a long Bible verse into your blog you can turn it into a click able link.

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