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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Holy Bible Says You Shalt Search

The prophets of old didn’t neglect the use of their intellects in their efforts to come to knowledge of the truth...two phrases in these verses indicate that the prophets understood that discovering spiritual truth required some effort on their part:
  • made careful search and inquiry” This implies personal effort on their part. The prophets didn’t just sit around waiting for truth to fall from heaven into their laps. They searched, they dug, they studied, they worked, they used their intellectual ability to learn all that they could.
  • seeking to know the person or (and) time” From their study they discerned that a Messiah from the line of David would break into human history at a certain time.
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The prophets of old remind us that the process of discovering real truth involves more than just human effort...while we certainly should make “careful search and inquiry” as the prophets did, we should also allow the Spirit of God to lead us into truth...
Verses about searching: http://www.holybibleverse.com/search.htm 
Verses about seeking: http://www.holybibleverse.com/seek.htm

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