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Friday, May 24, 2013

HolyBibleVerse.com - The Best Holy Bible Search Engine!

About Us:

http://www.HolyBibleVerse.com is a fairly new HOLY BIBLE SEARCH project. It is so powerful and unique mostly because each of the English Holy Bibles (60 versions all together) are in one individual database (other sites have separate databases for each Bible) so we are able to combine Bibles in searches in over 1,000 ways (proof)! We can now also give much better parallel views (demo: 60xEnglish or 66xLanguages). We are currently developing other unique tools for cross referencing and other neat features!

HolyBibleVerse.com is programmed by one single programmer (also graphics designer, webmaster and IT guy) in mixtures of ASP classic for Microsoft IIS web server, ASP.net, HTML, Javascript, JQuery and some Adobe Flash. Some beta PHP samples are almost ready for live use. We run our own web server (we incur the high costs of software, hardware and bandwidth with ISP) so we are not limited to what we can do (no usage limits, no write permissions, no rules).

If you have any English (or other language/dialtec) translations of the Holy Bible (we need format that is verse by verse of 31,102 verses seperated each verse as record or line) that we do not have online, please let us know here (comments) so we can get a copy to add for puclic searching on our site. Our database can handle another 40 versions of the Engish Bible!

Bible search instantly: You will find Bible verses instantaneously, immediately seeing every verse you are looking for with any given word, group of words, or phrase. Instantly find all relevant study material by verse reference: You will research references on a Bible verse or passage quickly!

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