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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Read The Holy Bible Online With Spoken Audio Aloud

Start reading the Bible while you listen along with narrated MP3 audio (voice of man reading the Bible to you out loud) at the book of Genesis, chapter 1, verse one on http://www.holybibleverse.com/chapter/1/ESV/. This will go by chapter by chapter.

For verse by verse reading and listening in streaming MP3 format audio version, go to http://www.holybibleverse.com/line/ESV/1.htm.

Also a text to speech synthesis version (TTS) per verse on http://www.holybibleverse.com/line/ETRRV/1.htm. http://www.virtualholybible.com has a MSAgent TTS version.

Download a KJV MP3 version per chapter on http://server.firefighters.org/kjv.asp (MP3s are zipped/compressed in *.zip files). Click HERE to download the Entire King James Version/Translation Holy Bible in audio format (897 MB, about 70 hours of listening, each MP3 file is separated into individual 66 books).

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