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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HolyBibleSearch.net - Holy Bible Search Tool Online

HolyBibleSearch.net - We just bought this domain name today. This will be our English only online Bible collection (HolyBibleVerse.com currently has 60 versions) and we be adding another dozen English translations (maybe more if we can acquire more) to be searchable. Hopefully we can get near 100 versions of only English Bibles online running and 100% searchable making your Bible study/research easier and quicker.

Right now the page is a simple search form that basically uses stuff from HolyBibleVerse.com's files & data. It's just as useful as before, but we are just getting ready to overhaul/upgrade the site to a better version! It will not take long before the temp page is gone the World's best Holy Bible search engine will be born soon!

We have progressed much over the last 10 years. We started with just one single English KJV bibles (about 5 other languages) online at www.VirtualHolyBible.com, then came www.BibleThumper.net with 36 English editions (21 other dialects), then www.HolyBibleVerse.com having 60 English versions and 66 other languages! Now it's time for the next step, the making of www.HolyBibleSearch.net (UPGRADE COMING SOON, BUT LIVE & USEABLE NOW WITH OVER 100 VERSIONS OF THE BIBLE).

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